Valve Control: Transfer Valve Control

Valve Control

System Features

  • RMS’ SecureValve™ systems are designed to easily replace manual custody transfer valves to provide ultimate valve security
  • RMS’ SecureValve™ technology enables you to remotely control individual or multiple actuator valves at a tank storage facility
  • SecureValve™ provides secure access to valves to prevent unauthorized opening or closing of the valve
  • RMS’ SecureValve™ gives valve owners five options to control valve access: cell phone look-up to verify the calling number matches an authorized user in an offsite server database, on-site key pad code entry of a security code issued to each authorized user, QR code scan with verification of authorized cell phone matches an authorized user offsite database, SMS text message to a verification computer that verifies the cell number matches an authorized user in an off-site server database, or by having the user call an operators center so the valve can be opened remotely
  • One SecureValve™ System is engineered to simultaneously control multiple actuator type valves to easily replace manual 3” or 4” ball or butterfly type valves
  • RMS’ SecureValve™ systems are designed to easily replace manual custody transfer valves to provide ultimate valve security
Valve Keypad & Instructions

Software Features

  • SecureValve™ software documents all valve activity in an off-site server and can send SMS text or e-mail alerts when valves are opened and closed
  • SecureValve™ software provides the ultimate protection against theft of oil or other liquids at remote storage facilities
  • SecureValve™ software identifies who opened the valve based on the cell phone he used for access to the valve opening sequence or the unique code he used on the touch pad
  • Software displays and stores each users data in tabular form, plus displays current status in graphical form
  • All activity uploaded to Internet...“The Cloud”...via cellular or satellite communications
  • No limits on the number of users for the software
  • Various standard reports are available and users can export data to spreadsheets if desired to create customer reports
  • RMS provides software licensing, plus in field maintenance of the equipment and the system
  • Software is simple to use, intuitive, and can be accessed from any Internet connected Smart Phone or computer

System Benefits

  • Maximize revenue by preventing theft of oil or other liquids stored at remote tank battery storage facilities
  • SecureValve™ can give you peace of mind that you have the best protection against oil theft, or chemicals theft
  • SecureValve™ software will provide alerts when the valve is opened and closed and will document all activity in a time stamped database showing who (including a photo) opened the valve and the time
  • The camera that is part of the SecureValve™ system allows the valve owner to remotely observe the person attempting to open the valve and see the surrounding area