Oil & Gas: Tracking and Protecting of Mobile Assets

Willie Box

System Features

  • Monitor mobile equipment like compressors, generators, pumps or other valuable items
  • RMS’s portable Mobile Monitoring and Control Unit or “Willie Box” as RMS has nicknamed it, installs easily in minutes and automatically connects to the Internet via satellite or cellular
  • Software will immediately provide notifications of events that require action
  • All units are equipped with GPS locators to let you know where you equipment is located at all times
  • Monitor any operating parameters that have 4 – 20 mA, Modbus 485, or RS232 connection capability
Midland Comp
Midland WB & Comp
Midland WB Front
Willie Box

Software Features

  • Web based software provides each user with their own ID and passwords
  • Software displays and stores each users data in tabular form, plus displays current status in graphical form
  • Measurements and alerts are time stamped and recorded in a historical database
  • Data uploaded to Internet...“The Cloud”...via cellular or satellite communications
  • No limits on the number of users for the software
  • History of each flow unit is maintained and can be searched or displayed by date range
  • Various standard reports are available and users can export data to spreadsheets if desired to create customer reports
  • RMS provides software licensing, plus in field maintenance of the equipment and the system
  • Software is simple to use, intuitive, and can be accessed from any Internet connected Smart Phone or computer
Willie Box
Willie Box
Willie Box

System Benefits

  • Know immediately when there is an outage
  • Get immediate “first fault” shutdown notification via SMS text message or e-mail on equipment shutdowns so service restoration takes less time
  • Some equipment can be remotely re-started
  • Know when equipment is about to run out of fuel
  • Identify equipment that needs servicing before problems occur
  • Software maintains a history of performance for each individual equipment unit and provides current condition of equipment
  • Unlimited software access with you own user name and password log-in provided
  • Software time stamps all activity for each equipment unit being tracked
Willie Box
Willie Box