Oil & Gas: Tank Level Monitoring

Tank Level Monitoring: System Features

System Features

  • Monitor oil, water, chemical, or other tanks in real time
  • Know how many barrels go into the tank and how much is withdrawn
  • Get alerts by SMS text message or e-mail when tanks reach pre-set fill limits
  • Wave guided radar sensors or pressure transducers are installed through a standard inspection port on bung in the top of the tank
  • System works with metal or fiberglass tanks
  • Level monitors can be wired or wireless
  • Normal installation in one day or less
  • No Power? No problem. Commercial external AC power is not required
  • Solar charged battery back-up provided to ensure 24/7 operation
  • Existing Wellmark brand or other tank level measuring devices can often be monitored by the system (high level alerts only)

Software Features

  • Web based software provides each user with their own ID and passwords
  • Software displays and stores each users data in tabular form, plus displays current status in graphical form
  • Data uploaded to Internet...“The Cloud”...via cellular or satellite communications
  • Measurements and alerts are time stamped and recorded in a historical database
  • No limits on the number of users for the software
Software Features
Software Features
  • History of each tank is maintained and can be searched or displayed by date range
  • Various standard reports are available and users can export data to spreadsheets if desired to create customer reports
  • RMS provides software licensing, plus in field maintenance of the equipment and the system
  • Software is simple to use, intuitive, and can be accessed from any Internet connected Smart Phone or computer

System Benefits

  • Prevent costly spills and EPA mandated clean-ups
  • Know precisely how much oil and water is being produced
  • Know precisely how much oil and water are withdrawn from tanks
  • Know in real time how many barrels or gallons are in your water or oil tanks
  • Get text message or e-mail alerts when preset tank fill limits are met
  • Get text message or e-mail alerts when oil or water is withdrawn from tank (system will send alerts…if desired when levels drop one inch or more)
  • Avoid potential H2S gas safety exposure from employees manually measuring tank level on top of tanks
  • Improve efficiency and employee utilization
  • Custody transfer data can be used to double check sales data
  • All data accessible from any computer, tablet, or Smart Phone with Internet access