Oil & Gas: Frac Pond Management System

Frac Pond Management System: System Features

System Features

The system provides remote monitoring and control capabilities to help manage frac ponds or other water storage facilities.

  • System communicates via cellular or satellite modem
  • Multiple ponds and wells can be monitored or controlled via radio system communications from a central location, like the one pictured above
  • Commercial power is not required. All system equipment/components can be powered by solar panel/battery systems
  • Each customer has a dedicated web site and all data is recorded in a secure commercial server farm
  • System provides accurate real time water level in frac ponds (feet/inches & barrels)
  • Touchpad at ponds provide ability to see level and pond volume, control access to load lines, open/close valves, and turn well pumps off/on that are feeding pond
  • Ability to accurately measure flow of water from each well feeding ponds
  • Flow meters can be installed on water well lines that are feeding ponds. Flow meter features include:
    • Hardwired or solar/battery powered
    • Accurate to within .5%
    • Have no moving parts and are difficult to stop up
    • Provide radio communications to a base unit for communications to the internet
  • A well control system installed at wells provides ability to see operating status and turn ESPs on/off remotely
  • The system eliminates the need for field technicians to manually record water well production
  • Sensors can provide measurement of conductivity/total dissolved solids in frac ponds/tanks
  • Camera can be installed at ponds to visually see level and pond area