Oil & Gas: Field Security – Cameras

Field Security – Cameras

System Features

  • RMS provides high resolution cameras with day and night infrared capability
  • RMS Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras can be remotely controlled from any Internet connected computer, tablet, or Smart Phone and have 360 degree visibility
  • Users can view a site live from any Internet connected computer, tablet, or Smart phone
  • Camera can be equipped to activate when there is movement within a prescribed area nearby
  • Cameras can be preprogramed to focus on up to 20 different locations at the press of a button
  • RMS cameras are a theft deterrent to help prevent theft of oil or equipment
  • RMS cameras can be coupled with motion detectors to activate on-site lighting
  • RMS can also provide simple fixed cameras for monitoring translucent chemical tank levels, observing water tanks or other applications

Software Features

Field Security – Cameras
  • Web based software provides each user with their own ID and passwords
  • Photos are recorded off-site in a time-stamped database
  • Photos uploaded to Internet...“The Cloud”...via cellular or satellite communications
  • Software associated with RMS cameras can provide SMS text alerts or e-mails when there is activity at the site
  • No limits on the number of users for the software
  • History of each flow unit is maintained and can be searched or displayed by date range
  • Various standard reports are available and users can export data to spreadsheets if desired to create customer reports
  • RMS provides software licensing, plus in field maintenance of the equipment and the system
  • Software is simple to use, intuitive, and can be accessed from any Internet connected Smart Phone or computer

System Benefits

  • RMS cameras help deter theft of oil, chemicals, water, materials, or equipment at remote sites
  • RMS cameras allow remote observation of employee or contractor activities in remote areas
  • RMS cameras can allow you to visually monitor critical equipment or facilities

Note: RMS is a licensed Security company in the State of Texas. Security cameras can only be installed by licensed companies in Texas.